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GiveMeTap believes that access to fresh clean water is a basic human right and we are working hard to make water easily accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time both here (in the UK) and abroad.

Through the GiveMeTap bottle we give people in the UK to easily find water when away from home, while simulataneously providing clean water access to people in Africa. It's simple. As you drink, others drink too. With your help we can make great changes to people's lives.

All4One Namibia Water Project

GiveMeTap supported the All4One Namibia Water Project in conjunction with the Kalahari Peoples Fund, Accounting4Africa and The Redbush Tea Company to drill a borehole in Namibia and provide clean water to 1,200 people in that Kalahari area.

We provided people in N≠ama village (a particularly remote area of the Nyae Nyae Conservancy, just by the Botswana border at Gam) with:

  • Green_tick A water borehole to access clean drinking water
  • Green_tickInstalled a water pump and a 10,000 Litre storage tank
  • Green_tickBuilt elephant-proofing walls to protect equipment
  • Green_tickInstalled an irrigation system to allow vegetables to grow
  • Green_tickConstructed a community meeting hall in N≠ama village

Project Results

Check out pictures of our completed water project.

The project included the training of community members on maintenance of the boreholes and equipment. During the process of maintaining or repairing the boreholes the local community was fully involved, and helped to strengthen their feeling of ownership.

Project Partners

Funding All4One Namibia water project The Redbush Tea Company

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