Beat the heat by getting free water on the London Underground

With a GiveMeTap bottle you can get free water refills at 40 participating cafes in Zone 1.
No questions asked. No hassle.

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Get a Bottle. Enjoy free water at Tube Stations.

We love summer in London just as much as you do. But going on the London Underground when it's really hot outside things can get really toughyes . Last year there were 767 cases of fainting on the London Underground, some due to commuters being dehydrated, which led to delays and perhaps stopped you getting where you needed to be! Each year TfL tells us to 'stay topped up' but it's not made easy for you.

This summer we're making things super simple. We're expanding our GiveMeTap network, so that whenever you are about to make a tube journey you can rest assured that you'll be able to find a 'Tap' that will refill your GiveMeTap bottle with some cold, refreshing tap water!

You can download our free water on the tube map, or find the 'Tap' to a station using our free water map, use our iPhone App or look our for our GiveMeTap stickers in the windows of these stores.

Water for You. Water for Everyone.

GiveMeTap Stainless Steel water bottle

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